A Story About a Guy Named John

Gents, this message is for you. 
Ladies, you might find this is relevant to you or to a man you know... if you know good men who need this, please share so the world knows where to find healthy masculinities.

This is a story about a good man. We'll call him John.

He looks around on his life and he realizes something, "I haven't really been on fire lately... maybe it's been years... maybe I've never really known what living life on purpose even means?"

He scrolls through his LinkedIn Profile, his Facebook timeline and his bank account and he realizes he's measured his life by a lot of external factors, when on the inside he's heard this low growling noise dull in his chest for a while. A question keeps surfacing in his mind for no reason, "is this all there is?" 

He is a smart guy with a lot going for him, and most people like being around him, but there are days when he feels alone in a crowded room full of his "buddies."

There's this treadmill effect of work, play, manage responsibilities, and basically remain in line... it's increasingly feeling stagnant, monotonous and lonely. But nobody else sees this side of him because he doesn't really "have a good reason" to complain or to talk about it.

He keeps having this dream about being alone in the middle of a lake on a rowboat without a compass.

Then John gets invited to an event for guys like him to learn how to "live on purpose" and "feel empowered" and he has a momentary spark that is quickly extinguished by his intellectual skepticism. "I don't need that woo-woo self-help bullshit... I'm just going to go for a run or something."

As he's running along he has this image that keeps popping up in his head. It's that lone boat, but this time it's full of guys, and he has a compass, and the boat feels like it's rushing downstream instead of floating in circles.

He stops running. He looks at the event again.

Empowerment Live
Find Clarity, Purpose and Brotherhood
Live Your Fully Empowered Life
With Zero Bullshit

He asks himself, "What would it feel like to have clarity, purpose and brotherhood?" That low growl inside him starts to drum loudly in his chest... it feels like...

And in a moment of implacable courage, John signs up for the event. Immediately, he gets a rush of emotions that include fear, pride, joy, determination, confusion, desperation, direction and a dozen feelings more he can't name because he hasn't felt this much fire for a long time.

John gets home from his run and invites his brother to the event who he hasn't really connected with deeply in years... and his brother says, "this looks great, actually, maybe I could come out for this and we could stay together."

John can't believe he's doing this, but then he shows up to the event, and is sitting around the fire pit and he's sharing about the low, dull sound he's been ignoring in his chest for years. He finally listens long enough to understand it, and he realizes the message is clear: "John, you can do what you really want to do in life, it's okay to explore, and it's okay to want depth, and it's okay to give more of you, and it's okay to BE you... be you... be you."

He looks around the fire pit and realizes every other man - of many different ages and backgrounds - is nodding his head. 

John's not isolated anymore. John's living on purpose now. He's got a legit plan to do something he never expected he'd do and he has guys in his rowboat. He's deeply happy for the first time in a long time.

His partner looks at him in a new way altogether and is constantly in awe because they knew all this time there was another man deeper in the shell. His partner starts to feel John's new strength and it relaxes them in ways they didn't even know they were tense. It's like a new relationship altogether.

Life is still challenging, but now John has a good reason to challenge life back. He looks back and he's so grateful that he stopped running.

Yes, John is real. Yes, you might also be John. If you're anything like him, you might want to stop running too. Here's your chance:

October 7-9: Empowerment Live! 
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This immersive weekend workshop will leave you with the following:

  • A weekend surrounded by community at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Los Angeles, CA.
  • A 50-day blueprint for your "impossible" project.
  • A life plan you believe in and how to grow it.
  • A defined life purpose in a single word.
  • How to live life on the edge...your edge.
  • Using emotions to propel you instead of distracting you.
  • How to recruit a mentor who is already living your dream.
  • A network of men practicing these principles and tools... and seeing results.
  • The EMPOWERED feeling of walking YOUR life path and no one else's.

The venue is the Sportsmen's Lodge, in Studio City, California... The hang-out of choice for celebrities such as Clark Gable, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. I really like this place because it has meditation gardens with a couple of redwoods, a fancy fire pit, and it feels like it's made for the Next Generation of Gentlemen.

We have a special room rate, you can stay nearby in many other hotels, and there is a free shuttle to/from Universal City, if you'd like to stay there (2-3 miles away).