Don't wait for permission to launch yourself

This has been the best year of my entrepreneurial career, by far, and I want to share some pieces of it with you that might help you have your best year too.

1. Creating a business (or three) is a personal development endeavor too. For the past 8 months I've put equal time and focus into my business and my self-care. Thus, I've taken better care of my body, my financial well-being (see the book Profit First), and my relational life. Because of my self-valuation raising, others have begun valuing me more highly (and subsequently paying me higher fees more frequently). How highly do you prioritize yourself? 

2. I accepted my own form of leadership. I am a collaborator and coach, which means I invite lots of teamwork while maintaining an eye on the long-term health of the project and team as a whole. Before, I often fought with myself because I thought I wasn't being enough of someone else's concept of a leader. I am enough. You are also enough. Be you.

3. I pressed the GO button. At some point, planning needs to create action. I have been in "massive action mode" all year... Creating events like both spring and fall installments of Empowerment Live (upcoming in October) and the Better Man Conference, as well as speaking across the country at huge international conferences. Action is the key ingredient in empowerment. It shows your team where to go and gives them confidence in your vision. What is your GO button and what would it take to press it today?

Fundamentally, you can give yourself permission to launch. 

Launch yourself!