How to Accomplish Anything in 6 Weeks

I’ve seen lives change in a matter of 6 weeks.

You may be saying to yourself, "I can't learn the piano in 6 weeks... or I can't become fluent in Mandarin Chinese in 6 weeks... or I can't lose 50 pounds in 6 weeks."

All of your limiting thoughts start with two words: “I can’t.”
— Dale Thomas Vaughn

I've seen people get into top graduate schools, get brand new 6 figure jobs, open up a new business, lose/gain their desired weight. How? 

Success does not demand you to be some spectacular talent. It's about process and accountability. There's a formula... a system.

Here are the 5 steps of that System:

By constantly telling yourself you can achieve something, you predict a constructive outcome. Positive repetitive thought (RT) has been found to enable: (a) recovery from upsetting and traumatic events, (b) adaptive preparation and anticipatory planning, (c) recovery from depression, and (d) uptake of health- promoting behaviors.
— Constructive and Unconstructive Repetitive Thought Edward R. Watkins, University of Exeter. American Psychological Association

1. Find your Intrinsic Ability

What is it you're great at and that you've been great at for your entire life? What's your superpower? Name it. Believe it. Feel it. You are allowed to feel great about yourself for no reason whatsoever... and you have a superpower that proves you are already successful at something. This engenders a well of self-confidence you will need to draw upon as you move forward. Start from "I CAN."

2. Set your Intention:

What do you want to become? This is before the to do list, this is a to be list. Who do you want to be? How do you want to be? Set your intention based on how you want to feel, most of all. This imagining of your success begins the process of success.

The ability to construct a hypothetical situation in one’s imagination prior to it actually occurring may afford greater accuracy in predicting its eventual outcome.
— The construction system of the brain Demis Hassabis and Eleanor A. Maguire., University College London

3. Imagine:

Plan your next steps to achieve your larger intention. What is accomplishable in the next 6 weeks? Does that motivate you? If not, play with adding and subtracting the amount of challenge. Sometimes we psych ourselves up, sometimes we psych ourselves out. When you get it to a motivating 6 week plan, then pick the first step you're going to take. Something you can do within a week. Name it.

4. Time to Ignite:

You made plans, you named your superpower... now it's time to take a real step in the real world. What is the first thing you can accomplish? Is it scary? I know. You can do it though. The first thing I would recommend doing is contacting someone who knows more than you about how to get started on your dream. This should alleviate the fear and provide the next steps very clearly. Maybe the first step is turning off the TV for one day so you can focus on what it is you really want to feel - instead of escaping into the drama.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
— Jim Rohn

5. Invite Interconnection:

You need to let your 5-6 closest friends know your new goal and that you would like their support during the process. See which ones are all in to help, and which ones are holding you back. Politely ask those folks holding you back to either help row in the right direction, or to take a step back from criticizing you while you get things done. If they step back, then you get to add new willing supporters into your life. Make sure you have one or two mentors in this new goal. They will help you avoid the chutes and grab the ladders.

If you get stuck. This is what we do in The EmpowerMentorship Institute, we kick life's ass for 6 straight weeks.

Maybe it's time to step into your best you.