It's hard to get started

I just finished co-organizing the Better Man Conference in San Francisco. It went well. 200ish people there from companies like Google, Microsoft, Visa, Cisco, PwC, and organizations like UN Women, Lean In, and the ManKind Project.

I got to speak on stage with some of my heroes. It was a culmination of 10 years of work in this area of masculinities. I looked around and I realized... it's hard to get something started.

I like to tell my guys that we're victims of inertia. It's hard to move an object at rest, but it's even harder to stop an object in motion. Be in motion and you'll find direction. But sometimes the first step really is the hardest.

Look, I'm the opposite of lazy (despite my profound love of rest). I am basically always driving forward. But sometimes I look around at others who are "more successful" than me and I try to imagine what it would feel like if that first push felt like pushing the boulder downhill instead of uphill. It's felt Herculean for a long time... and suddenly it's feeling easy. Why?

I invited other people into my process. 

As I look in front of me, we're just days away from my event Empowerment Live... and we're almost full (a few spots left). Enrollment is going well because I've just focused on building life-changing systems and a powerful team of heart-centered guys who help me invite people who I know it can help. I got out of the way.

I want this to be a successful event... so I invited people to it... and now I need you to invite someone. We're close to full. I'd like to get there.

The main reason why we don't move forward in life is because we don't want to include people in our experiences (re: challenges). If you've felt excited about maybe attending this weekend workshop, but you don't want to show up alone... bring a friend! My event is only successful if you bring people to it.

Think of it as a test of your willingness and your openness... if you have a closed fist, nothing can come in, if you have an open hand, you can receive. The whole idea of this is... how willing are you to bring people into your life with you?

So reach out. Bring a guy friend into a conversation about where you want your life to be going... and how maybe this weekend workshop is a good fit for you both. Once you do that, you're a click away from pushing the boulder downhill.

See you in Los Angeles if you're ready!