Man Cannot Stand a Meaningless Life

"Man cannot stand a meaningless life." Carl Jung

"Man cannot stand a meaningless life." Carl Jung

Find your meaning. Take a journey, a long walk, dig in, relax into the paradoxical... there is meaning in your life. 

I found this quote and concept somewhere along my journey to purpose. This quote can cause a lot of pain if you feel lost. Or it can cause a lot of drive if you are on your journey. Or it can cause a lot of freedom if you are willing to let your wisdom lead you.

If you're lost, I suggest you spend an hour everyday (a true hour on your schedule everyday) to contemplate or walk with this question: "What am I here for?" 

There are no answers in books. Trust me, I've looked. There are no answers in music. Trust me, I've listened. There are no answers at the bottom of any bottles. Trust me, I've drank. 

The answers you seek are within you, past the noise and clutter of your everyday BS. 

You can find meaning, but you need to look. I suggest traveling because it worked for me; but you may find your meaning while jogging, or while meditating, or while cooking... the point is you need to devote some time each day to it.

Harvard Business Professor Clayton M. Christensen in the Harvard Business Review, "...For me, having a clear purpose in my life has been essential. But it was something I had to think long and hard about before I understood it. I decided to spend an hour every night reading, thinking, and praying about why God put me on this earth. That was a very challenging commitment to keep, because every hour I spent doing that, I wasn’t studying applied econometrics. 

"...Had I instead spent that hour each day learning the latest techniques for mastering the problems of autocorrelation in regression analysis, I would have badly misspent my life. 

"...I apply the tools of econometrics a few times a year, but I apply my knowledge of the purpose of my life every day. It’s the single most useful thing I’ve ever learned."

So... will you commit to the journey to find your meaning?

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