Measure Your Year

525,600 minutes… How do you measure a year in the life?

It’s not just a boisterous show-stopping refrain from the musical Rent, it’s a real question you should be asking yourself.

How do you look back and measure whether or not you are on the right track? How do you make sure you learned valuable lessons?

I have created a simple system for myself that I’d love to share. 

I consider my life split into 6 main areas, and I expect to achieve a high level in each. 

Rate yourself 1-10 on which areas you feel you had a strong year, and which were weak areas for you (10 is perfect, 1 is complete catastrophe).
1. Purpose/Career
2. Balance/Personal Development/Health/Well-Being
3. Community/Love/Relationship/Friendship
4. Adventure/Travel/Exploration
5. Leisure/Fun/Play/Space/Relaxation
6. Sophistication/Learning/Education/Interests

Next is the highlight reel, which moments stand out? I try to come up with 3 from each of the categories below, and more if possible.

  • 3 Big Moments worth Celebrating and Remembering
  • 3 Big Lessons I learned
  • 3 Big Projects I plan to continue
  • 3 Big Habits that worked for me

My scorecard from 2015

1. Purpose/Career/Money - 9
2. Balance/Personal Development/Health/Well-Being - 3
3. Community/Love/Relationship/Friendship - 7
4. Adventure/Travel/Exploration - 8
5. Leisure/Fun/Play/Space/Relaxation - 9
6. Sophistication/Learning/Education/Interests - 5

So I can tell I need to do more work on my health and education in 2016, and I can be proud of my level of achievement in Purpose and Leisure while continuing to do what I did well in 2015.

Highlight Reel

3 Big Moments worth Celebrating and Remembering

  1. TEDxSMU - I got to speak on stage at my Alma Mater, during a TEDx conference, which vaulted me into a new level of my career
  2. International Conference on Masculinities - I got to speak at the biggest conference in my field and learned that I have enough intellect and drive to hold my own in that space. I got to meet my heroes/mentors. I got to appear on Huff Post Live. I got to stand in the room with Gloria Steinem. I got to visit with Jim/Lauren, Mike/Trevor, and more… huge huge moment for me
  3. Braveheart Retreat - I got hired to speak internationally to my exact target audience. It turned out to be a lucrative endeavor, and I got to see my program light up new guys’ lives. I saw how much true experience I have in context and it was powerful. This was a huge encouragement for my career.

3 Big Lessons I learned 

  1. I can’t do it alone - This is the beginning of the trend toward team involvement in my projects
  2. I am good enough - as evidenced by multiple “approvals” from the ICOM, TEDx, Braveheart, and PhD scholars
  3. Be authentic in marketing - the posts and media I’ve done that represented me authentically have all done the best. Be more me.

3 Big Projects I plan to continue

  1. The EmpowerMentorship Institute & Speaking (I love helping people find purpose and live more empowered lives)
  2. The Gender Leadership Group (There's nothing more important to me on a moral level than gender equality)
  3. Books (I enjoy writing and get a thrill out of seeing my books helping people)

3 Big Habits that worked for me

  1. Invite help
  2. Hit the send button
  3. Don’t wait till it’s perfect

What does your scorecard look like?
What were your top lessons, projects, and habits?