How to Spend All Day in a Place You Hate, Doing a Thing You Hate

If you've always wanted to spend your entire day in a dismally lit artificial environment full of wilting indoor plants and the steady waft of other people's soggy sandwiches, you're in luck! The world is your oyster, pal. I mean, you and I both know that you really hate that place; but it's all worth it because you get to spend all day doing that mind-numbing thing you totally hate doing.

Here's 5 surefire steps to help you spend all day in a place you hate, doing a thing you hate:

1. Know, deep down, that change is bad.

Believe you have no way of changing anything about your life. This is fundamental to guaranteeing you have the right amount of misery in life.

[bctt tweet="Step 2. Don't EVER start with why. In fact, Never question why you are doing anything. @SimonSinek"]

 You want to find a simple answer for this pesky purpose buzz question like... "I'm doing this for my kids," or "purpose is for pagans."

3. See your dreams as they are: the first steps toward disasters.

Planning for a bright future is a surefire way to not stay in the place you hate, continuing to do that thing you hate. It's best not to start planning at all, and better still if you can cut off the whole dream cycle altogether. You can accomplish this easily if you avoid any alone time or down time for a few decades.

4. Quit everything before you form any conscious habits.

You should probably stop reading this screen, actually, since there are words on it, unless you're just zoned out, which is advanced ninja shit, man.

 5. Cut back on presence and amiability.

Make sure to slowly drift away from old friendships and distance yourself from conversations that don't involve sports, celebrities, or the newest business trends.

If for some strange reason you do these five steps and you find yourself wanting instead to work in a place you love doing that thing you love... let me know, I'll see if I can help.

Image by Flickr/Bark