That Moment in The Sandlot that Still Gives Me Chills

"Don't go peeing your pants kid, I'm just here to give you a hand." 

Babe Ruth walks through the door in Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez's dream and lays the truth on him... Benny has to go over the fence to get a ball with Babe Ruth's signature on it.

It's so simple, he says... "Just hop over there and get it."

Benny stops him. He argues that there's a big scary dog thing. 

And this is my favorite part. It gives me chills. It's the moment I've seen in my own life and I see so often in other men's lives. It's the moment when we all stare into our greatness and argue that there's a big scary dog thing in between us and the prize. And in that moment, Babe Ruth says to Benny what a great spectre-prophet-mentor ought to say... 

"Everybody gets one chance to do something great. Most people never take the chance either because they're too scared or they don't recognize it when it's spitting on their shoes. This is your big chance, and you shouldn't let it go by."

Benny protests just like the rest of us... But how? (We all get hung up on the how)

"You're the one with the rubber legs," says the Babe. "Figure it out."


I love that scene because it's what I love doing with my life. I want to live on that edge of life where I routinely hop over the fence and go get that ball. What could be more fun?

A good mentor says what you know is true... the simple truth... the Occam's Razor of Truthiness... and then he dares you to go live up to your truth. Basically, that's what I do... only I also provide a concrete set of steps about how to "figure it out."

So if "you're in a little bit of a pickle... don't pee your pants... I'm here to give you a hand."