The No BS Report: The Flaw of Attraction

You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. The basic principle is this: envision what you want to happen clearly and consistently, and the universe conspires to give it to you. Poof! 

Maybe you watched the trailer to The Secret and you kind of liked it (even if you didn't believe it) because it sounded like an easier way to go about life than the puritan work ethic 1% Bullshit. Or maybe you really took it to heart and you got serious about attracting what you want in life.

So you checked the boxes, for the most part. Sure some days you were a little lazy, but most of the time you were paying attention and really trying. So why the hell isn't stuff happening the way you visualized it? Why does it seem like you're constantly waiting for your turn? Because it's not really as much about attraction as it is about attention.

There are basically three kinds of thinking. Acquisition-based, Attraction-based, and Creation-based (according to Michael Neill from "SuperCoach").

Acquisition-based thinking places the power outside of us in the physical world. If you want some of that power for yourself, you need to go out and get it. When you don’t get what you want, it’s either because the world is rigged against people like you or you just didn’t try hard enough. Shame, blame, victimhood... sounds like that 1% Ayn Rand sociopath nonsense, right? Hard pass.

Attraction-based thinking places the power outside us in the invisible metaphysical world. If we want to tap into that power, you need to align your thoughts, feelings, intentions, and desires. When you don’t get what you want, it’s either because God/ the universe has a higher plan for you or you just aren’t thinking positively enough. Blind faith, shame, blame, victimhood... sounds like that sad Puritan or homeless proto-Hippie stuff, right? Feels paper thin. 

Creation-based thinking recognizes that power is and always has been inside us. You access that power through the choices you make about how to be, how to see, and what to do. When you don’t get what you want, it’s either because you haven’t yet found a way or it’s just taking more time than you want it to. No blame, no fault, no shame. And when getting what you want stops being about you and becomes more simply about what you want, it also gets a whole lot easier. 

Whoa, it’s like Mr. Rogers mixed with Bill Nye and a shade of Bob Ross! Yes please!

The No Bullshit Report

Think about the Law of Attraction more like a Law of Attention. Where you point your attention is where you are more likely to become aware of opportunities and costs that are happening all the time whether or not you are aware of them. In this way, envisioning what you want is actually really important and valuable because it helps you make sure you're tuned in to what you want to create.  

You can't find a signal if your antenna is turned in the wrong direction... but turning your dish to the right place takes focus, and it takes planning, and it takes iteration, and then once the signal is received it takes analysis and systematic action to really create anything from the data.

The Law of Attraction is submissive to the point of sacrificing action. Yes, pay attention to what you want, but then when you receive some data... do something with it!

PS. That's what we do at Empowerment Live. You sit down and figure out what you want, then you make plans to go make it happen. Guess what? When you take the responsibility, without shame and blame, you get to have fun even during the process! And then the results start coming in and you get the idea that maybe, actually, you're in charge of your life! You should see it for yourself: