The Small and Unheroic Ways I Didn't Know I Was Helping My Woman

Everyday, my woman leaves our castle to go out into the world and help people. Most of what I do requires me to work from my home office (which I love). Whenever she walks out of the door I shout at her, "Go Be Great!" 

I don't think that much of it. It's like a sign-off. I mean, I inject a lot of positive vibes into it because I believe she is doing great things to help people... but 7 years in, it's almost a knee-jerk response now. 

She shared with me recently that this simple parting sentiment has been extremely powerful for her mindset as she goes to her clients (she's a powerful healer and rehabilitative muscle therapist to the stars). It focuses her. It's a small but intentional gift that helps tune her into her greatness.

I'm sharing this because I wonder if there are little things you are doing or that you could be doing to help your loved ones... and you don't know it because they are so small and unheroic. 

Sometimes the small and unheroic things we do are big and heroic. 

Let that sink in... and find a moment today where you can say your own version of "Go Be Great!" 

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