What is The EmpowerMentorship Institute based on, exactly?

What is the EmpowerMentorship Curriculum based on?

Research, reading, life experience, trial and error.

I started with the ancient methods of the “good life plan” as a template.

“Aristotle instructs about using deliberation and practical wisdom: for analyzing and grasping the notion of a good life; for reflective assessment of both short-term and long-term goals; and for ways to achieve and integrate these aims with a view toward the most completeness (teleiotes, 1097a28) and self-sufficiency (autarkeia, 1097b8).”  – Susan J. Fleck

Everything fits into the goal of the “most completeness” – I often call this “whole fulfillment.” In the program we use “deliberation and practical wisdom” – in other words I’ll guide you on some deep thinking exercises, which will ultimately lead to practical actions in your life. We do goal setting a bunch of different ways, both short and long-term in multiple areas of your life… in order to give you a whole life plan. And for good measure I’ll ask you to spend some time really defining what it means to be a good and virtuous man… for this part I bring in Marcus Aurelius and the Renaissance Man concepts as a balance to Aristotle. A lot of this is research that helped me find clarity during my life challenges and opportunities.

Then I layer in proven exercises from positive psychologists like Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. My goal is to help you feel more happy, self-confident and in the zone. These guys have done scientific research into the most effective ways to produce and sustain these feelings in life, so I consult their work regularly. This is another area of study that has helped me personally.

Then I bring in cutting edge masculinities theory, mainly about masculine archetypes and male roles in regard to emotional intelligence. I add leadership and communication training because these have been proven to be the most effective empathy and awareness builders for men. Since these studies are my professional expertise, they make up the bulk of the coursework.

I make sure to address group dynamics, nonviolent communication, success theory and relationship guidance as well.

And finally, I’ve developed a lot of exercises after leading hundreds of men’s group workshops through the trial and error that was my training ground.

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