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How I use my own system to plan my week

 — I wake up each morning, I start with a process of intentionalizing my feelings. I do a quick stretch, get coffee and a shake, and then I hit the deck for my morning meeting with myself.

These meetings with myself are crucial. Without them I just screw around all day and don't even get quality play time in because I'm disjointed. I want to be a leader, and that starts with leading myself well.

During my me-meeting I literally go through my 5i system: 
1. Intrinsic Ability: what's my active superpower today?
2. Intention: what's my big why? What's driving me today?
3. Imagine: which projects and goals are on my plate?
4. Ignite: what is my win for this week/today?
5. Interconnection: who is in my rowboat on this project and who do I need to follow up with?

Using this method, I start each day clear about who I am, what I want, how I'm going about it, and who is on my team.

I encourage you to do this once per week and just see how good it feels. Play with the idea that you are allowed to lead yourself.


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