The Pillars of Masculinity - August 2016

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Pillars of Masculinity Cover 960.jpg

The Pillars of Masculinity - August 2016

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This is the frame of the new ideal. Purpose, Balance, Adventure, Sophistication, Community, and Leisure. Everything fits under one or two of these pillars, and together they make a man. Every man gets to decide how to balance them out, but knowing what they look like helps him make those decisions thoughtfully.


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These six pillars of masculinity have been delivered to us through the ages of ancient man, connecting me to Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and Thomas Jefferson.

Each man chooses how to live and define his life... I don't think there is one correct way to be a man. However, in my observation, the best men are aware of their efforts to balance out these multiple areas of their lives. A deficiency in one area will be noticeable by certain foundational crumbling. I will give you a deep understanding of these six pillars, and each week you will deconstruct and reconstruct a pillar of your masculinity. 

It's a fun, insightful and freeing course to help you feel more at home in your own skin.

The Pillars

Seek, find and pursue your multi-layered purpose for living, knowing that mankind’s purpose for existence is at best a mystery.

Choose a balance that supports health and fulfillment. Too much focus distracts from perspective. Too little focus leads to latency. Potency is in the ability to balance the mind and body, the intellect and emotions, internal and external, self and community, career and family... in all things.

Feed your curiosity about the world, fostering sophistication as deeply as your well will allow. A man who knows and loves the finer things is living a full life. Sensual and intellectual capacity are nurtured by developing both breadth and depth of knowledge on subjects such as technology, culture, science, philosophy, theology, food, drink, rhetoric, or any other pursuit which you find worthy.

Stillness and action are both necessary to maintain power in a man’s life. Purposefully finding adventure creates new range for perspective in the mind and emotional constitution. Most of us see the world better with our feet on real earth.

As a man becomes fundamentally sound, he will desire to be part of the foundation of his community. As a pillar of his community, the strength of a man’s love and perspective can support a family, a village, a country, or the entire human race.

During our lives as human beings there is so much work to do; and yet there is no work as important as the art of being human. Leisure time and activity consistently provides opportunity for laughter, enjoyment, and a sense of living a good life. The ancient Greeks saw Leisure as the utmost judgment of a good man... think art, sports, music, travel, etc.

When a man has fully built himself on these pillars, each is as important as the other. Without leisure, balance is impossible. Without a purpose, a man will be impotent in the community. Without adventure, a man’s exposure to new ideas will blunt his sophistication. As a man builds his life, he will continue to rise to new levels if he continues to pay close attention to this blueprint, keeping each area of his masculinity in perspective.

Wrapped up in each pillar are steps and levels to successfully carving powerful structure.