The EmpowerMentorship Institute - Founder

Personal/Professional Development program for Men

I help men go from feeling isolated and stagnant to connected and purposeful direction in life. I've led more than 300 workshops with men at this point, and the overarching themes I hear from men are:

  • I need a tribe. I'm tired of feeling alone.
  • I want to live a life of purpose and meaning, and I don't know where to start.
  • I don't have good peer mentors or father figures in my life.
  • I need concrete systems for waking up and conquering the day.

Men who join our community receive mentorship, an immersive step-by-step curriculum full of concrete exercises to improve their lives, and the commitment from other men in the community to hold them accountable to their own greatness (in the form of retreats and virtual correspondence and/or meetups).

The Gender Leadership Group - Founding Partner

Consulting for Corporations

Our entire focus is on the business value of creating a full partnership between women and men. We create scalable, sustainable, and measurable solutions to drive fundamental cultural change for Fortune 500 companies.

We approach leadership with an inclusionary lens, which requires nuanced non-violent communication and processes to positively include everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality or race.

Our senior leaders found them helpful in setting a context for change and “provoking them from gender ignorance” in a safe environment. Thanks for helping to raise the awareness of the value that our differences can bring to our organization and to our business outcomes.
— Tina L. Gilbert, Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Teva

We offer our Gender Partnership Diagnostic™ which provides an “organizational MRI,” workshops, webinars, and coaching as well as partnering with ERGs to introduce the possibility of gender partnership.

 We use a combination of executive coaching, strategic consulting, and interactive training to produce action-oriented, results-driven change initiatives.

The Good Men Project - Sr. Editor of Leadership

As an editor at the Good Men Project, I write and edit content for the business and leadership section of a blog that reaches unique traffic levels that rival and

the Next Gent Press - Author and Editor

I've written and edited 7 best-selling books now using self-publishing tools... and I regularly teach others how to add income and marketing with books.

Certified Specialist of Wine 

In 2010 I passed the first exam of the Certified Wine Educators' track, making me a Certified Specialist of Wine. I've written more than a dozen wine reviews for, led pouring through, and written the best-selling book: Wine Snobs Are Boring. I've also consulted for small vineyards and studied wine in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Texas, North Carolina and of course, California.

Media for your mission

I help small businesses grow their companies by raising their profile with advanced media, speaking, and self-publishing.

My most recent client earned more than 1 Million media impressions in less than 4 months using my guidance in developing Key Messages, pitch processes, and contact lists.

This is what his results looked like: 

If you're interested in getting some help with your company, apply here.

Sites I've built content/media for:

“We have been in the media a lot over the past few days – so much that our website crashed a few times because of the surge in volume. We literally have had over 60 articles written in over 20 countries!”