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My life is completely different since starting Dale’s program. It’s concrete and you see results. Just the income I’ve gained alone makes it well worth the investment.
— Jermaine Charles
“The program got me writing again – which was my goal – but it also helped me improve myself in ways that I hadn’t even considered. The most unexpected result is that I’ve become a better husband.”
— Landon Webster

You don't have to be a genius or a rockstar to excel at this.

It's a System. A Repeatable Process.


I am at an all time high in my life as of last night. Your program works... Being me feels great! Thank you for helping me find myself.
— Sean Kissinger
Dale’s ability to motivate is second to none.
— Kai Hochhausen
A man of quality and one of the leaders of men of quality.
— Gloria Allred

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I help social entrepreneurs get seen and become well-known experts in their industry. 

My media system has earned hundreds of millions of impressions for my clients on these and other media outlets. Imagine yourself in your ideal audience's most trusted news, radio, podcast or television... what are the possibilities for you if you were that well-known? 

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Healthy Masculinities and Purposeful Empowerment

Watch my Ted Talk
"How Great Men Think Alike"

At TEDxSMU, I had the opportunity to break down the crisis of masculinity and share insight on how great men transcend the big barrier to greatness we all experience. I illustrate the 3 steps and 7 simple but powerful words that can build deeper connection, respect, and purpose in your life.

Learn About Our Community of Connected, Empowered Men

Through healthy masculinity, learned optimism, and interpersonal communication skills, the EmpowerMentorship Institute helps men live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

"I totally came away from the event changed. Truly one of the best events I've ever been to... If you are a conscious man that wants to hang out with other conscious men then definitely get on his list for future dates." - Chris S.

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