The Empowered Podcast: Discovering Your Purpose (and How to Use it to Fuel Your Passion)

This was a big honor for me. Ellory is one of the best podcasters around. I love his show. 

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Dale’s journey
  • The crisis of masculinity
  • The importance of having a purpose in your business
  • The Empower Mentorship Institute
  • How to apply the power of purpose in your life/business:
    **Realize that you are adrift; it’s okay because you have to start from that place to get moving
    1. Name your superpower: Intersecting what you love and how to impact the most people
    2. Mastering your daily mindset/Be intentional
    3. Have a vision for your long term and short term plans
    4. Step outside of your bubble and get moving
    5. Find the people you resonate with
  • Unconscious Immersion
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Writer’s Digest
  • Dale’s Webinar/E-book info: