PADI: Facing a Lifelong Fear of Diving

PADI: Facing a Lifelong Fear of Diving

We have this saying in our house, “a small thing to a giant.” Courage is often about realizing inner strength, and we’re literally made of stellar material, so I like to think within me is a starload of cosmic force just waiting to become kinetic energy.

I decided this was about my mind, not about the activity or the breathing or the equipment. Who is in control of my mind if not me?

Maria | 5 Reasons Why 6-Week Goals Are Better

The shininess of the new calendar will wane once we get closer to February… and all of those feelings of positive momentum can wear off as well if you’re not still motivated this time next month.

Most people don’t even write down their resolutions anywhere meaningful, so looking back on 12 months in late December always feels hollow. In my experience with coaching professionals on goal-setting, the best way to shift your habits is to set out consecutive 6-8 week projects that feel motivating. Basically at the beginning and end of each quarter, you’ll set project goals and then measure them respectively.